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The Dogs on the Bus

by Joyce McGreevy on April 24, 2018

Meg Vogt, creative thinker and owner of Dogs Rule! welcomes canines on her dog bus in Portland, Oregon. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

Dog’s Rule! is a (p)awesome bus service based in Sullivan’s Gulch, Portland, Oregon.
© Joyce McGreevy

Creative Thinking for Canines
in Portland, Oregon

Driving with a 12-pack isn’t usually the smartest idea. But when the “12-pack” is a dozen adorable dogs, it’s genius.

Meet creative thinker Meg Vogt, affectionately known as the Dog Bus Lady of Sullivan’s Gulch. When Meg launched Dogs Rule, a bus service for dogs in Portland, Oregon, the locals really got on board.

Creative thinker Meg Vogt and dogs on the bus pose for a “pack portrait” in Portland, Oregon. (Image © Ryan LaBriere)

The dogs on the bus go woof-woof-woof all around the town—en route to leash-free parks.
© Ryan LaBriere @LabrierePhoto

Glass Floats?
Finders Keepers!

by Joyce McGreevy on April 16, 2018

A glass float made for Finders Keepers in Lincoln City reflects a cultural tradition of the Oregon coast. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

Several times a year glass floats like these are hidden along Lincoln City’s shoreline.
© Joyce McGreevy

A Cultural Tradition on the Oregon Coast

No one sees them, but dozens of Float Fairies roam this seven-mile stretch of the Oregon coast. Several mornings a year these anonymous volunteers stroll the shores of Lincoln City, carefully placing glass treasures among driftwood and seagrass. Soon, the Float Fairies blend in with us mere mortals who have come in search of these treasures.

Finders Keepers, a popular treasure hunt for handcrafted glass floats, originated in Lincoln City. Now in its 19th year and inspiring imitators, the event grew out of a cultural tradition.

Paris Honey: The Bees Knees

by Meredith Mullins on December 4, 2017

Bees in a beehive on honeycomb, part of discovering nature in Paris with urban beekeeping and the production of Paris honey. (Image © Shaiith/iStock.)

Paris Honey: The Bees Knees
© Shaiith/iStock

Urban Beekeeping Amid the Monuments

A hint of red berries. Deep molasses notes. A whiff of lychee. A dash of wet earth. A long clove finish. Are we tasting a Burgundy, a Southern Rhône, or a Bordeaux?

Actually . . . none of the above. In fact, we are talking about another kind of liquid treasure. Honey. Pure and (not so) simple.

In a city such as Paris, where gardens are a tradition and where residents tend to make the best of vertical space, bees are all the buzz. Paris honey is in.

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