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Resting in Peace at the Paris Pet Cemetery

by Meredith Mullins on March 12, 2018

Tombstone for Keisha, filled with flowers and trinkets, showing the cultural traditions of pet lovers in the Paris pet cemetery. (Image © Meredith Mullins.)

Lamenting an irreplaceable love
© Meredith Mullins

Cultural Traditions that Honor our Best Friends . . . in Surprising Ways

From a distance, this peaceful resting place by the Seine near Paris looks like any other cemetery—a sea of tombstones, some polished and new and some devoured by time.

Paris Pet Cemetery, showing cultural traditions of pet lovers. (Image © Meredith Mullins.)

A resting place to honor our friends
© Meredith Mullins

There are flowers of remembrance (plastic, ceramic, and real), pictures of loved ones, and heartfelt tributes.

Trinkets on the grave of Moustique at the Paris pet cemetery, showing cultural traditions of saying farewell to pets. (Image © Meredith Mullins.)

Many ways to say I love you
© Meredith Mullins

It is only when you move closer that the hints of another world appear.

Memorable Moments: Favorite Paris Pop-Ins

by OIC Staff on January 29, 2018

Satellite view of Paris, France

When is it not a good time to drop in on Paris?
© iStock

One of the things that truly marks an “Oh, I see!” moment is that it stays with you, long after the moment itself has passed. So while we give our bloggers a chance to repack their suitcases and chart the courses for their next set of experiences and adventures, we thought  it would be fun to look back at some posts from the past that have really stuck with us.

Angels of Paris

by Meredith Mullins on December 18, 2017

Angel on the Church of Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre in Paris, one of the angels of Paris that serves as a cultural symbol. (Image © Rosemary Flannery.)

The angels of Paris are abundant (from the Church of Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre).
© Rosemary Flannery

The Most Celestial of Cultural Symbols

Happy holidays to all! This festive season surrounds us with sparkling lights, fir trees of all shapes and sizes, menorahs, wish lists, santas, elves, mangers, jingling bells, and heralding angels. We celebrate with a variety of cultural symbols at this time of year.

One of these symbols, however, has more than just a holiday presence. Angels can be full-time residents, finding a home in history and architectural design, especially in a city such as Paris.

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