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Don’t Say Goodbye
to Saying Hello

by Joyce McGreevy on February 5, 2018

A man and a woman conversing in Ireland shows how saying hello is fundamental across cultures. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

Saying hello is saying yes to life.
© Joyce McGreevy

Meeting & Greeting Across Cultures

In a New Yorker cartoon entitled “How to Clear a Space at a Crowded Beach,” a man says hello to all and sundry. His cheeriness so horrifies New Yorkers that hundreds collectively retreat.

Oh, I see: Some people like saying hello. Some people give hello the heave-ho.

In Galway, Ireland, (pop. 258,000) passersby often say hello to one another. Nothing fancy, mind you. A quick tap of the second syllable and you’re on your way. In Istanbul, Turkey (pop. 15 million) a local who said hello to passersby would prompt a puzzled reaction.

Found in Costa Rica: Best New Year’s Resolution

by Sheron Long on January 8, 2015

Pristine Costa Rica beach with no footprints, illustrating the idea of a clean slate ready for a New Year's resolution. (Image © Robert Long)

A beach with no footprints is like the start of a New Year.
© Robert Long

Unburied on a Costa Rica Beach Walk

Travel busts up routines and sends you off in new directions. Travel over the New Year does even more: it inspires you to set a new direction back home.

My New Year’s trip took me to Costa Rica—a democratic country with no standing army, a 79.9-year life expectancy (higher than the US), and an environmental record unsurpassed in the hemisphere.

Map of Costa Rica, showing its extensive coastlines and beaches. (Image © Peter Hermes Furian/iStock)

Costa Rica, smaller in size than West Virginia, has 933 miles of coastline and beautiful beaches for finding insights to treasure.
© Peter Hermes Furian/iStock

And there’s more—Costa Rica has a free and mandatory education system with a literacy rate over 96%. I was sure to learn something!

I did. All the adventures of the week came together in the world’s best New Year’s resolution. It occurred at the end of the trip as I walked down an isolated, untouched Costa Rica beach on New Year’s Day.

Why Do Women Love Their Special Someones?

by Sheron Long on February 13, 2014

Man holding a sign saying "I love you," symbolizing a message and love quotes for Valentine's Day. (Image © © Ashley Matheny)

Yes, women love their special someones, but the reasons may surprise you!
© Ashley Matheny

Love Quotes Get to the Heart of the Matter For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to love, we’ve always been curious about what matters most. So, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we decided to ask The OIC Community to tell us why they love their valentines.

From the quotes we received, we assembled a remarkable collection from women.

Red heart with headphones, symbolizing listening to love quotes for Valentine's Day. (Image © dvarg / iStock)

Listen in and gain perspective. The love quotes reveal a range of reasons—from the little things that matter to significant love-affirming attitudes and actions that make a relationship sing.

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