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A Taste of French Sayings

by Meredith Mullins on April 20, 2015

Triptych of mustard, beans, and bread, showing the food focus of French sayings. (Image © Meredith Mullins)

Inspiration for tasty French idioms—mustard, beans, and bread
© Meredith Mullins

French Idioms—A Focus on Food

You may never have had the pleasure of mustard up your nose.

You may never have felt the desperation of having no beans in the house.

You may not know the boredom of a long dreary day, which, in French lore, is “a day without bread.”

But, if you’re living in the world of French sayings, these expressions are common—and mean more than their literal translations. 

Culture Smart: Is the Rain in Spain the Same?

by Sheron Long on January 27, 2014

Dark clouds and a downpour, prompting colorful rain sayings in different languages. (image © Gregor Kervina / Hemera)

What do you say to describe a drencher?
© Gregor Kervina / Hemera

Rain Sayings in Different Languages

The one thing about rain is that it’s wet! All over the world.  But apart from that essential characteristic, the different languages of the world have found varied ways to describe rain, especially when it’s a gully washer.

Bucketloads of Wet

In Spain, a heavy rain comes down a cántaros (in jugfuls).  In a number of other countries—Finland, Romania, and Russia, for example—it “rains like from a bucket.”

The World Weighs In On Gift Giving

by Sheron Long on December 2, 2013

Boy chasing after Santa and a gift, illustrating the pressures of the gift-giving season. (Image © Alphaspirit / iStock)

Chasing after the perfect gift
© Alphaspirit / iStock

There’s Wisdom in World Proverbs

The power of a considered gift is stunning. The world has told us that for years:

Gifts break rocks and melt hearts. —Uruguayan

Now that’s a high standard. How am I ever going to melt the hearts of everyone on my list? What happens if gifts exchanged aren’t “equal”? And how can I say “Thanks” and mean it?

I could have talked it over with my dog or asked Emily Post, but instead I decided to consult the whole wide world. Listen in on the conversation.

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