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6 Bright Ideas for
Traveling Light

by Joyce McGreevy on January 3, 2018

Light in a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey becomes a source of travel inspiration about traveling light. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

A moon-like circle of light illuminates a mosque in Istanbul.
© Joyce McGreevy

Travel Inspiration for 2018

With last night’s super moon, Earth’s annual journey around the sun has started on a light note. This January we get two full moons for the price of one. As the second moon of the month, January 31 is a blue moon. As moon glow lights up the skies, let’s reflect on lighthearted travel inspiration for 2018:

A sunset in Senglea, Malta becomes a source of travel inspiration about traveling light. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

When it’s sunset in Malta, will you really care which pair of shoes you packed?
© Joyce McGreevy

A College Course
in Wanderlust?

by Joyce McGreevy on September 5, 2017

A dorm room at Carr-Saunders Hall, London lets travelers on a budget indulge their wanderlust. (Image © Joyce McGreevy)

Basic but comfy, a dorm room at Carr-Saunders Hall, London makes travel affordable for all.
© Joyce McGreevy

Travelers on Budgets
Go Back to School

As students return to college each September, another group is preparing for college visits— travelers on budgets. To pursue their wanderlust, they’re majoring in Travel Economics.

How? By booking “university vacation-accommodations.”

Translation:  They’re staying in dorms.

More and more colleges today offer clean, comfortable dorm rooms to non-student visitors. While some do so only when classes aren’t in session, a growing number of colleges offer dorms year-round.

Aha Moments in Aarhus

by Joyce McGreevy on February 6, 2017

A kayaker savors an aha moment at sunset in Aarhus, where the 2017 European Capital of Culture will celebrate community connection to nature. (Image © Anders Hede/VisitAarhus)

A quiet sunset before the start of Aarhus 2017, a yearlong series of events
to celebrate community by rethinking it. 
© Anders Hede/VisitAarhus

Can we celebrate community by rethinking it?

The aha moments began at dawn with a mass bicycling event. As cyclists of all ages glided by, the winter mist rose like a curtain, revealing the newest European Capital of Culture. Aarhus 2017 had launched.  All year, this small Danish city will celebrate community by rethinking it.

Celebrations continued into the night, with songs lifted by the wind to soar above the crowds. As six Viking ships set sail, hundreds of choral singers and thousands of locals, each carrying illuminated paper ships, transformed the port into a sea of lights.

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