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Travel Inspiration from Pencil Lead Art

by Meredith Mullins on August 31, 2015

Pencil lead art of the Eiffel Tower by Salivat Fidai providing travel inspiration for world landmarks. (Image © Salivat Fidai.)

The Eiffel Tower rises majestically . . . on the tip of a pencil.
© Salavat Fidai

Russian Artist’s Tiny Carvings Get Right to the Point

Good travelers seek out adventures and stories—as well as classic world landmarks.

France’s Eiffel Tower. England’s Big Ben. Italy’s Colosseum.

These are not just icons of their countries. These structures offer travel inspiration, whether we are standing in front of one for the first time, passing by one for the hundredth time and seeing it in a new way, or studying a photograph or painting on a virtual journey.

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