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TopSpacerFrom the everyday to the extraordinary, OIC (say “Oh, I see!”) moments occur all over the world in every language and culture. They also happen here in our blog, where we offer you the richness of the world—its cultures, geography, languages, and traditions—often through a little-known point of fascination, something that will make you say: “Oh, I see!” Each article is a ticket to a new destination, and your take-home souvenir is a worthwhile insight. Welcome!

The Bloggers

Sheron LongSheron Long
Sherry is the founder and President of OIC, whose mission is to enrich people’s lives through connections to positive, creative ideas and diverse cultures. “I value curiosity, imagination, innovation, and different perspectives,” says Sherry, “because constant discovery—saying ‘Oh, I see!’ about something everyday—keeps the mind growing and the eyes seeing farther and farther into the world.” Previously, Sherry created and built The Hampton-Brown Company into a market leader for language and literacy materials in the K-12 education space. After National Geographic acquired the company in 2006, she directed the combined group for several years before starting OIC.


Meredith Mullins photoMeredith Mullins
Meredith is living her dream life in Paris. Pourquoi pas? She is devoted to two passions—photography and writing—and all the adventures that these two ways of seeing offer. She is an internationally exhibited photographer and author of the award-winning book In A Paris Moment. In her daily life, she teaches photography and writes for travel and education publications. She is also an organizer of the Paris Writers’ Workshop and Director of the International Fine Art Photography Award—programs that are designed to celebrate the discovery of new talent in the literary and visual arts. “Life is about fleeting moments,” she says. “You must be ready, with eyes and heart open.”


Eva Boynton
Eva is a freelance illustrator, hopeful traveler, and student farmer. Graduating with a degree in environmental anthropology and visual art, she seeks to combine her passion for travel and culture with image making. This has driven her to Europe, India, New Zealand, Peru and most recently Mexico (on bicycle). In an effort to encourage fresh perspectives, bicycle travel helped her live out the dream of connecting countries over land. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, as an avid surfer and ocean enthusiast, Eva is always searching to get her feet wet and be outdoors.


Joyce McGeevyJoyce McGreevy
Joyce swapped her briefcase for a suitcase and loves working from a “moveable office.” She lived in Ireland for many years, where she earned degrees in Philosophy and English, was an award-winning feature writer, and reviewed scripts for theatres. Book credits include Gardening by Heart (Sierra Club) and, as a co-author, Grit to Go (SDE), a classroom guide to fostering growth mindsets. She is an avid student of Turkish, French, and Italian.


Sally M. Baho
Sally is passionate about life and living it richly. She has studied abroad, taught English in Spain, and written for numerous food magazines and travel blogs while traveling far and wide. Currently, Sally does cultural research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and takes every chance she can to continue her travels. In addition to her trips around the globe, Sally enjoys running, food and exploring new cuisines, the outdoors, thought-stimulating conversation, reading, and poetry.


BruceGBruce Goldstone
Bruce thrives on the energy, culture, and chaos of city life, which he savors in New York City and Buenos Aires. A first-rate day might include a sunrise run, a dog park, a good book, spicy food, theater, and conversations with old or new friends in English or Spanish. He is an educational writer, as well as the author of many children’s books, including Great Estimations and Bip in Book (with Marcel Marceau). Bruce keeps the visual side of his brain active by snapping photos for his books, quilting, and designing postcards for Blue Coyote Theater Group.


Janine Boylan photoJanine Boylan
Janine Boylan loves to learn—about people, culture, language, history, and science to name just a few. This thirst has guided her journeys from Asia, across Russia, and through Europe. During this time she has had the opportunity to learn a few languages, teach English, and write and edit educational materials. With so much more to see and learn, she’s keeping her eyes wide open!

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