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True Warmth in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert

by Sally Baho on June 1, 2015

A golden-red canyon in Wadi Rum, Jordan illustrating a barrier as large as the cultural barriers that some travelers to the Middle East may feel are in place. (Image © Sally Baho)

In a climate so harsh, it’s no wonder people are so warm to one another.
© Sally Baho

Crossing Geographic and Cultural Barriers

It was the dead of summer, and I was taking a road trip from Aqaba, Jordan, back to the capital, Amman. We stopped in Wadi Rum to explore the desert that Lawrence of Arabia had traversed just about a century prior.

Although not as grandiose as T.E. Lawrence’s experiences, my short time in Wadi Rum was a lesson in bridging cultural barriers by way of unexpected friendships.

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