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Food for Thought: Can Anyone Love Field Rations?

by Meredith Mullins on August 4, 2014

An MRE Beef Enchilada, life-changing experiences with field rations (Photo © Meredith Mullins)

The Beef Enchilada MRE main course. Tasty? You be the judge.
© Meredith Mullins

Life-Changing Experiences: The MRE versus the RCIR

Life for military personnel in the field is never easy. Sometimes the only part of the day to look forward to is meal time. Enter the MRE.

Meals Rarely Edible? Meals Rejected by Everyone? Morale Reducing Elements? Materials Resembling Edibles?

The MRE—Meal, Ready-to-Eat—is a staple for American military in combat or in the field where other food options are not available. But, as you can see by the affectionate monikers, MREs are considered far from a fine dining experience. They offer life-changing experiences in the world of “fooding.”

Life Changes When A Brain Goes Bilingual

by Sheron Long on July 29, 2014

Shape of the Western hemisphere in an eye, illustrating how life changes and the world view expands for people with a bilingual brain. (Image © Stockbyte)

Oh, how the view of your world expands!
© Stockbyte

Power Up! Know the 6 “Warming” Signs

The bilingual brain is hot! Powered by two or more languages, it leads to a series of life changes. Should you embark on this adventure, recognize the 6 “warming” signs and get set to become a different person.

#1  You Start to Zag

Growing up, you get pretty good at zigging, doing things the usual way. But once you start communicating in a second language, you have to find fast work-arounds. The very thing you want to say requires a word you don’t yet know.

Same Animal + Different Cultures = Surprise!

by Bruce Goldstone on March 13, 2014

Falling cat, illustrating animal sayings that vary in different cultures and languages. (Image © deshy / iStock)

“If this is Life #7, I sure hope I’m an English-speaking cat!”
© deshy / iStock

Animal Symbols and Sayings

All over the world, cats are known for their seemingly magical ability to escape dangers that would be fatal to other, less feline species.  But different cultures and languages vary in how they talk about kitty’s special talents.

English speakers describe their death-defying trickiness by saying cats have nine lives. Consider 9Lives cat food, and its spokescat Morris, who vouch for the statistic.

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