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A Virtual Journey via Landscape Photography

by Meredith Mullins on April 18, 2016

Aurora borealis in Norway, landscape photography that allows a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Bjorn Billing.)

The stunning beauty of our planet (Aurora Borealis in Norway)
© Björn Billing

Celebrating Earth Day and the Beauty of the Planet

Whether we explore the world on foot, wheels, or wings, with all our senses tuned to high gear, or whether we spend time on a virtual journey shared through someone else’s eyes—we are fortunate to be touched often by the beauty of our planet.

Sunrise at Botany Bay, United States, a virtual journey through landscape photography celebrating Earth Day. (Image © Rocco Mega.)

Sunrise at Botany Bay, U.S.
© Rocco Mega

Now, we can be reminded of this resplendence at any time with the magnificent landscape photography of Terra Quantum.

Vietnam rice terraces, a virtual journey through landscape photography in celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Sarawut Intarob.)

Vietnam rice terraces
© Sarawut Intarob

The Power of Landscape Photography

The Terra Quantum program was founded in 2015 by French landscape photographer Samuel Feron. His goal was simple. He wanted to magnify the beauty of the earth through the extraordinary photographs of passionate landscape photographers around the world.

Val D'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy, landscape photography that is a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Sarah Howard.)

Sunrise over Val D’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy
© Sarah Howard

Through the Terra Quantum website, we can transport ourselves to all continents. Wherever we would like to go, it’s as simple as the click of a mouse.

Every image that is presented in the Terra Quantum online gallery has been approved by an international jury so that the quality is consistent—stunning and dramatic.

Stones and turquoise water in Argentina, landscape photography creating a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Dare Turnšek.)

A mystical moment in Argentina
© Dare Turnšek

We do not just see the most exquisite places on earth, but we also see them at their most expressive—enhanced by mystical light, wild weather, stark contrasts, vibrant colors, and the raw power of nature.

Sand colored stones, water, and storm clouds in Sweden, landscape photography that provides a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Claes Thorberntsson.)

Natural contrast and power
© Claes Thorberntsson

As a landscape photographer himself, Samuel understands the power of the land and the patience required to capture its essence . . . and to appreciate its rhythms.

“I think that, more than ever, we need to slow down, to stand back, to think about where to go,” Samuel says.

Rock formations into the water in France, landscape photography that provides a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Nicolas Rottiers.)

The beauty of the planet where land meets sea
© Nicolas Rottiers

“What I appreciate about a photograph is that you can decide to look at it for several minutes or several hours. We are not bound by this perpetual movement that is a part of modern life. This is a rare area where it is still possible to resist the speed, the endless flow of news, and the rush of constraints.”

Sunlit hills in the Czech Republic, landscape photography that provides a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Vlad Sokolovsky.)

Sunlit hills in the Czech Republic
© Vlad Sokolovsky

A Link to Earth Day (Every Day)

That same philosophy integrates well with the celebration of Earth Day this week on April 22nd.

We need to “slow down, stand back, and think about where to go”—to save the planet.

The events of Earth Day focus on specific actions to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, fight climate change, clean up air pollution, and ensure our children’s futures. The priority of protecting the environment is a headline across the globe.

Frozen Long Point Beach in Canada, a virtual journey via landscape photography in celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Kathleen Pickard.)

Long Point Beach, Canada
© Kathleen Pickard

We realize as we gaze at a photograph of the frozen ground of Canada or the jungles of Tasmania that these landscapes are being altered moment by moment. We must work every day to preserve the beauty.

Jungle and waterfall in Tasmania, landscape photography that creates a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Pierre Destribats.)

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania
© Pierre Destribats

To this end, Terra Quantum also plans to host an additional online gallery that speaks to the “damaged” parts of the world. Less beautiful, but certainly as important.

“We hope to show what will happen if we do nothing,” Samuel says. Some people seem to sweep aside the environmental concern because they think that science can can solve any problem. I would like for people to imagine, for just a few moments, what would happen if that is not the case.”

Lone tree in clouds, landscape photography that provides a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Marcos Furer.)

The last tree
© Marcos Furer

As we celebrate Earth Day this week, take a moment for a virtual journey through the amazing landscape photography of Terra Quantum. Savor the “Oh, I See” moments. And imagine . . . during a minute of reverent silence . . . what will happen to these dramatic scenes if we do nothing.

Click here for more information about Terra Quantum and Earth Day.

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  1. Dear Carol,
    These photographs are stunning, aren’t they? They put me in a reverent mood, and fill me with hope for the appreciation and protection of such beauty. It’s hard not to be in awe.

    Thanks for writing,


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