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Why Do Women Love Their Special Someones?

by Sheron Long on February 13, 2014

Man holding a sign saying "I love you," symbolizing a message and love quotes for Valentine's Day. (Image © © Ashley Matheny)

Yes, women love their special someones, but the reasons may surprise you!
© Ashley Matheny

Love Quotes Get to the Heart of the Matter For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to love, we’ve always been curious about what matters most. So, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we decided to ask The OIC Community to tell us why they love their valentines.

From the quotes we received, we assembled a remarkable collection from women.

Red heart with headphones, symbolizing listening to love quotes for Valentine's Day. (Image © dvarg / iStock)

Listen in and gain perspective. The love quotes reveal a range of reasons—from the little things that matter to significant love-affirming attitudes and actions that make a relationship sing.

You might even find yourself saying, “Oh, I see a way to be more lovable myself!”

Saying, “You’re Special”

Love builds with constant reminders that you matter to someone. What counts? A look, a few words, a touching gift, or anything that says, “You’re special.”

I love my special someone because . . .

For five years, he has told me, “Good morning, Beautiful” every morning without fail.   —April Wooff

Cartoon of an envelope with eyes, red lips, and legs, carrying a message of love for Valentine's Day. (Image © lineartestpilot / iStock)

A welcome message: “Good morning, Beautiful!”
© lineartestpilot / iStock

He has been beside me for 20 years. We were 19 and 20 when we got married, and we were young and dumb . . . and broke. So, I never had a REAL wedding dress. He knew this was always something I regretted, especially after having our daughter 10 years ago. He has surprised me and planned an entire vow renewal for us. He even bought me a dress! I love this man to the moon and back!   —Jenniffer Eads 

He made me feel sexy when I was bald from head to toe with breast cancer.          —Sara Drulis

The little things seem to count, too. Most often mentioned—cooking something tasty, making the coffee, cleaning the house, holding open a door.

Heart-shaped tomato, illustrating a love quote for Valentine's Day. (Image © pryzmat / iStock)

Helping with dinner
is a chance to add the love.
© pryzmat / iStock

Small deeds, indeed! But helping out seems to say, “I’m no more special than you. Let’s share the daily doings.”

Being There, Taking Care

The love quotes used different words to describe that special someone:

my soul mate     the love of my life     my rock     my all     my heart

But the most frequently mentioned was best friend. And that’s the person a woman can count on for support and encouragement, thoughtfulness and sensitivity—the person who has the key to her heart.

Old key, illustrating love quotes on Valentine's Day about how befriending your special someone gives you the key to her heart. (Image © NikiLitov / iStock)

Being a true friend is key.
© NikiLitov / iStock

I love my special someone because . . .

He is the most generous giver I’ve ever met—a giver of time, resources, energy, love, hugs, support to anyone. He is his children’s biggest supporter and my best friend.   —Miss Bradford

He pushes me to be my best.   —Samantha G.

He never gave up on me!   —Stacy Novack

He is raising my son as his own.   —Kaye Newman

And then there are the tough times, when “being there and taking care” test a relationship. Those who make it through these “thin” times together have a rock-solid love.

Ellipsis and heart painted on a sidewalk, illustrating love quotes on Valentine's Day about how the tough times can lead to a rock-solid relationship with your special someone. (Image © edelweiss7227 / iStock)

How you treat someone in the tough times can lead to love set in stone.
© edelweiss7227 / iStock

I love my special someone because . . .

Through all these years of really hard times (he had an accident at work seven years ago), we’ve managed to keep it together, being each other’s cheerleaders. So many couples we know say they wish they could communicate like we do, and that makes me proud!   —Patti D.

Enjoying Life Together

Can a sense of humor and a positive attitude lead to love?  Judging from the love quotes, yes—the bigger the smile, the greater the love song.

I love my special someone because . . .

He is the most positive person I know! No matter what life throws at him, he’s always smiling and a joy to be around.   —Tamra H.

Above all, he makes me laugh. There are many other reasons, but this is the biggest.   —Lisa Carr

He’s fun to be around. He has an ease about him that just feels comfortable. He’s open-minded, easy to talk to, and hot, hot, hot!!   —Nichole Smith 

Two steaming cups of coffee in heart-shaped cups, illustrating love quotes on how two people enjoy each other on Valentine's Day. (Image © Matka_Wariatka / iStock)

Enjoy life over two cups of hot, hot coffee!
© Matka_Wariatka / iStock

Hanging happily together is just THE BEST! These last two love quotes not only explain why people love each other, but why they stay together.

I love my special someone because . . .

It’s sweet for the both of us.   —Cherie

We complete each other.   —Michelle L.

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